Thursday, 25 February 2010

Smokers Beware!

The national government is to urge local governments to impose a total ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places. Following the example of other cities in Japan, the streets of Sannomiya and Motomachi in Kobe were designated as a No Smoking Zone in April 2008 with a fine of 1,000 yen for offenders.

You will see signs, like the one shown here, displayed around the area and painted onto the pavements. If you are hanging out for a drag, there are 4 designated smoking areas located near the stations: in front of Sogo Department Store on Flower Rd, in front of Marui Department Store on Flower Rd, on the south of JR Motomachi Stn, and on Sannomiya Chuo Rd. Take a look at the city council web site for photos of the smoking areas and the uniforms of the enforcers.