Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Suddenly – 突然

One day, we are suddenly born into a magical world and our fantastic journey begins. One day, we realise we are walking by ourselves, and before we know it we can run. From that day, a fascinating world opens up in front of our eyes. No matter if we look beside or behind us, people are there cheering us on and keep watch over us. We never know what path is the best to take, but we keep turning corners. No matter what we find around that corner, no matter if we suddenly become lost, those people are always with us. But, one day, we suddenly notice we are walking alone. Tears of sadness flow. Time lapses. The smallest things will remind us of them, and the tears that flow are of joy, suddenly…


The Japanese version first appeared in the May 2012 issue of the goodspeed monthly newsletter.


  1. Yes, pulling in the ones who have left us and realizing they never leave us brings that sudden joy tear.

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  3. Experience tells me the day of the joy tear will come, and so the inspiration for this piece I wrote in a couple of hours, the day after. Very little editing needed. Very surprised, because when writing in Japanese I always need to edit and correct. The inspiration is definitely there. I just need the time to sit and write. Too much going on, right now.