Friday, 7 December 2012

At the Top of Your Lungs – 大声で歌う

When I woke this morning, I was not bursting with energy nor was I sluggish. I was feeling normal. I had breakfast, put on a load of washing, brewed a cup of coffee and sat behind my desk to check e-mail. One thread on a particular mailing list was about one of my favourite songs, so I played it for the first time in how long. I was humming along while reading more e-mail, and before I knew it I was singing along. The song ended, but I wanted more. Hit play again. The first verse is quiet, but I pumped up the volume on the chorus and lost myself in the song. Then, silence. I sat back down – every nerve in my body tingling. I found my productivity had doubled. Maybe I will put on a different song every morning to get me in the mood to work.

今朝起きた時、 元気ではなく、怠くもな く、普通でした。 朝食後、洗濯して、コーヒーを入れて、机 に座ってメールチェック。あるメーリング リストには大好きな曲についての解説があ って、久々に聞きたくなりました。鼻歌を 歌いながらメールを読み続きましたが、 調子に乗っていつの間に大声で歌っていま した。終わって物足りませんでした。もう 一回再生しました。出だしは静かですが、サビから思い切り声を出して夢中。終りましたら、沈黙。ハイのまま机に座って意外に仕 事がより効率的にできました。これから毎朝作業する前に大声で歌いましょう。

The Japanese version appeared in the October 2012 issue of the goodspeed monthly newsletter. 日本語バージョンはグッドスピードレター2012年10月号に掲載されました。


  1. I get the appeal of karaoke, it's totally cathartic. I mean, when are we allowed as adults to really shout?

  2. As adults, we're not. There was a moment a couple of weeks back where things were too overwhelming. I stood in the middle of the kitchen and just let it all out. The first time ever. But, it was once out, I could get on with what needed to be done and was totally relaxed. Singing seems like the more environmentally friendly option. Sure doesn't scare the neighbours as much.