Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Books – 本

I often wonder why I love books so much. Is it an escape from the everyday? Is it a desire to fly to unknown lands? Even so, what makes a good book? Is it one that sucks you in so far that you forget the time and finish it straight away? Is it one that can pick up where you left off, despite not having touched it in weeks? Is it one that moves you or makes you ruminative? There will always be a book to suit anyone’s mood at any given moment. There will be times when you cannot get into a book, but try reading it again a year later and it grabs you and whisks you away. Be that what it may, spotting a true booklover is easy; they tsundoku in preparation for the time when a certain mood takes them.

時々思いますが、どうしてこんなに本が好きだろうなと。それは日常から脱出したいのか。知らない世界へ飛び立ちたいのか。が、いい本とはなんでしょうか。読み出して時間を忘れていつもより読むペースの速い本?間隔をかけてもストーリー等を昨日読んだ様に入り込む本?考えさせる、感動させる本?人それぞれその時の精神的なニーズに合う本があります。読み出した本の乗り気分が何となくおかしい時もあ るが、距離を空けて1年後再度チャレンジしましたら、すぐストーリーに溶け込んでしまいます。とはいえ愛書家だと、ばれるのが積読派という面も。

The Japanese version first appeared in the February 2013 issue of the goodspeed monthly newsletter.

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