Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Murakami: City of Salmon and Sake / 恵みの川・伝統の鮭料理を味わう~新潟

Food is a national pastime in Japan and for good reason. No matter where you go, each village, city, or region will have local cuisine made with local produce, so traveling in Japan is fun. As a translator I often get jobs where I must describe food in subtle detail, so you can call me a desktop traveller. I often wonder if my clients would pay me to sample the fare. So I did not hesitate when I was asked by NHK World to go to Murakami for their program, Journeys in Japan, to taste the local salmon cuisine and sake. The variety of salmon cookery was amazing.

(back) Deep-fried gills, stewed brow, smoked soft roe
(centre) Deep-fried skin, stewed flesh, clear broth with roe skin
(front) Stewed backbone, roe marinated in soy sauce

The Murakami episode of Journeys in Japan will be broadcast on NHK World on January 28, 2014, UTC. 
本番組「恵みの川・伝統の鮭料理を味わう~新潟」は2014年1月30日午前3時にNHK BS1にて放送されます。

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